blogging 101

Blogging 101

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blogging 101

Raise your hand if you’re a blogger. Keep your hand up if you taught yourself how.
Ok that’s what I thought. If you’re a blogger, please read on for tips on how to make yours the best it can be.

When looking at your blog, there are two major areas you need to focus on: content and reader engagement. You can’t just post anything, you need to post things that will resonate with your readers, encourage sharing amongst friends, spark debate in your comment section. Your content must relate to your “mission” – what is your blog about? If your website is “KnittingWithCats” – you probably should be writing about knitting. Or cats. Or hipster things. Not about technology. (Note: I googled KnittingWithCats and it exists, and she’s done. it. right.)

Pam Moore, a social media expert, suggests these 50 delicious ways to breathe life into your blog, tactics like:

  • Know them well. What keeps them up at night? What problems do they have that you can help solve?
  • Want their friendship and authentic relationship more than you want their follow, like, or visit to your blog.
  • Don’t take their trust for granted. Just because they trusted you with their email address or connected with you on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it and spam them.
  • Visit their blog or networks where they are sharing great content. If you like what you see, share it with your community.

Moore’s tips encourage you to be real on your blog. Don’t cram friend requests and shares down their throats. Don’t ignore their comments. Interact with your readers, be sincere and offer real and genuine help. Most importantly, show that you care about them by visiting their blogs! Post comments and share posts you really like.

What type of content should you post? Guy Kawasaki breaks it down simply: curate content by sharing links and valuable information, respond, and stay positive. I really love this infographic (below) because it’s a good guide to reference if you’re stuck:


It seems pretty self explanatory, but write what you know. You’ll find that it comes so much easier than trying to write about…KnittingWithCats…if you know nothing about knitting or cats. Are you a pro surfer? Or a photographer? Is your passion photoshop? Think about what you love, and then share it with the world.

Most importantly, read other blogs and research your topic. Include links to other sources for your readers to learn more – and to support your theories. The more credible you are, the more respected you will become amongst your online community.

The Social Media Landscape is vast, as shown in the below graphic. There are so many networks and technologies out there, waiting for you to engage and add content to.