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I’m a writer, editor, marketer, professor and entrepreneur.




Hope Digital

I create awesome digital content.

I have 15 years of experience writing and producing. A lover of storytelling, I’ve written and produced projects on a variety of topics including: Disney internal affairs, the Orlando Ballet, local and campus news, and the Florida Hospital.

Some of my biggest projects include: web series for Disney Corporate; series for the University of Florida Office of Research called Scipath; web series for Disney called The Travel Mom.

I started my own production company, Chasing Hope Productions, in the summer of 2003. From 2003-2009, I wrote and produced video vignettes for the pleasure of editing, storytelling and putting it all together.  I shot everything with a Sony Handycam and pushed videos out to my website on a weekly basis. It was the most fun I’ve had with a camera.

I am a marketing and promotion machine, having managed campaigns for brands like EA Sports, Paramount Pictures, and various liquor brands.  I love branding and digital storytelling, which led me to earn my master’s degree in mass communications with a specialization in digital marketing.

I founded GatorResumes in 2011, with the vision to help people achieve their career goals through resume reviewing, interview coaching and job hunting. I closed the business in 2014 to focus on my writing career.

Yep, writing career. Though I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and freelance, I chose the non-paying activity as my ‘career.’ That’s sane, right?

I have always loved writing. Ever since kindergarten, I wanted to write a novel. I’d write on anything, creating stories with magical worlds and crazy characters. I wrote my first “book” when I was 12. It was terrible, of course. But I kept going. I completed my first novel in 2014. I’m seeking representation while working on my next books.

At the University of Florida, I teach a graduate course in marketing and gamification.

Also at UF, I created an online master’s program in digital marketing. This program teaches students all the ins and outs of marketing in an increasingly mobile and and digital society.

In my free time (yes, somehow), I provide marketing consultation and web design services. I have worked with nonprofits and brands in creating modern and dynamic websites, powered by SEO and love.


Published Work

Daily circulation: 66,000
Demo: professionals, ages 20-40

Daily circulation: 600,00
Demo: business owners, professionals, techies


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